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Prosthetists Meet Printers: 
Mainstreaming Open Source 3D-Printed Prosthetics for Underserved Populations
Sunday Sept 28, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore MD. 


Crowd-sourced collaborative innovation is changing the face of modern medicine. e-NABLE, an online volunteer community of humanitarian technologists is leading the way by designing, building, and disseminating inexpensive 3D-printed prosthetics. 

Come join the e-NABLE organization and thought leaders in medicine, industry and public policy for a ground-breaking, industry-defining event at at Johns Hopkins Hospital that will include the delivery of donated prosthetics to children with upper limb disabilities. 

Help us bring 21st-century technologies, practices, and philosophies to prosthetists, parents, and patients. Help us develop enlightened policy recommendations and strategies in advance of FDA regulatory workshops in October.

Please visit enablingthefuture.org to read about the work we are doing, find open source hand design files to print and peruse the heart warming stories of the children, adults and Veterans who have been gifted these 3D printed hands from a global network of e-NABLE volunteers. 


Ivan Owen

University Of Washington Bothell
3D Printing Project Manager
Seattle, WA
Mr. Owen is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer and 3D printing enthusiast from Bellingham, Washington. His background in special effects and puppeteering lead to his collaboration with a man from South Africa which resulted in them co-creating a body-powered partial hand prosthesis fabricated using consumer-level 3D printers. All of the research and development for this device was done from their garage workshops. They released the prototype into the public domain and made the printable files available via download in early 2013. 

Since then, Ivan has worked and/or volunteered to further both the design of the partial-hand device and to educate others on the impact 3D printing will have on the future. His collaborations include work done with the UW MESA foundation, the Google+ open-source prosthetics group "e-NABLE", the Patient Innovation Project at Universidade Católica Lisboa and Creighton University's Department of Exercise Science. His past public speaking engagements have included TEDxRanier 2013, the MIT Enterprise Forum Northwest and the Department of State. He is currently employed as the 3D Printing Project Manager at the University of Washington's Bothell campus where he works to facilitate device innovation.